Wade and Phyllis—The Palmer duo—have done it!

Wade Palmer and Associates, Inc have been there day after day, making it happen, working as Executive Recruiters in the food/beverage manufacturing industries.

Combined 50+ years recruiting experience in food & beverage manufacturing on a nationwide basis!

Have you heard of us?

We are the link that has joined so many top quality candidates with top food/beverage manufacturing companies. Looking back over the years, Wade Palmer & associates have been on an incredible journey, placing an unfathomable amount of quality candidates with a profound amount of great companies. There have been so many placements, we can't count them all!


This is what we do. Wade Palmer & Associates make it happen - connecting companies with the right candidate to make their operation work.

We enjoy bringing the whole picture together so that companies and candidates can grow and prosper: from Plant Managers to Supervisors, Quality pros, Engineers, Maintenance professionals, Logistics/Distribution, Human Resources, EHS & R&D specialists. There are so many varieties of jobs at different levels, from diverse food industries producting everything from dairy products, frozen entrees, bakery, berverage and ingredients. You name it--we have been there.

Wade Palmer & Associates, Inc. works with top food and beverage manufacturing companies that are local, national and international, multi-plant or single plant operationts with jobs that need to be filled. The positions are located in major metros or rural communities. We have the expertise to find top quality professionals for corporate and plant locations with just the right balance of education, food/beverage manufacturing specialization and experience. All work is strictly contingency (fee schedule available upon request).

This is what we have done. This is who we are. This is what we do.

Why don't you contact us? If you have a job order to share, please give us a call.

Wade & Phyllis Palmer
Wade Palmer and Associates, Inc.