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My wife, Phyllis, and I have a combined 58+ years experience as Headhunters in the Food & Beverage manufacturing industries and are still going strong! We've survived, and flourished, through both good and bad times because of hard work, a commitment to honesty and an innate recruiting savvy. And thereĀ are no Headhunters, anywhere, who know the Food & Beverage manufacturing industries any better. Both Phyllis and I work all segments of the food & beverage manufacturing industries but Phyllis has emerged as one of the nation's top dairy recruiters.

Our work is nationwide and encompasses all size organizations from Fortune 50 national employers to small and medium size emerging companies. We specialize in the recruitment & placement of:

Engineering, Distribution/Logistics, Quality Assurance, Production, Maintenance, R & D, Accounting, Human Resources, Purchasing and Packaging professionals

All work is strictly contingency, completely confidential and involves professionals from junior levels to upper management...generally in the $40-150,000+ salary range. Our commitment to excellence also includes our policy of never submitting a resume to an employer without the candidate's permission and without thoroughly discussing the position. We take great pride in knowing our candidates, talking with each and developing a one-on-one relationship necessary for successful representation in a tight, quickly changing and evolving employment environment.

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